Saturday, April 16, 2011

More I seriously an only child?

This has always been a great picture spot. Missing a few...three to be specific. :)

This one is all about soakin' up the 'boy-ness.'

Reasons I think Ila is SOOO cool:

1. She's smaller than me

2. She laughs at me

3. She likes my stories

4. She doesn't have a lot of hair- so she doesn't notice when mine's all messy

5. She stays in one place so I can keep track of her

6. She lets me hold her hand

7. When I don't want to be with her anymore I walk away...and she doesn't ;)


Wind pictures- another memorable Kansas pastime

Keepin' the cows in

We had a great time in Kansas too! Spent some extra time with Ava, Ema, Ila and Aunt Andrea. We had so much fun! We had races down the cellar hill and Ava taught Payton how to count to three! Ema was a big fan of pushing Payton around the flour in a cardboard box...he loved it!

OOOOOOOOOOO-klahoma....where the ALF's came sweepin' down the plain

Some things we did while visiting Cousins in Oklahoma...

  • Climbed up in the treehouse (a first...and immediate LOVE)

  • Read bedtime stories (notice the only (as in one in his family) child trying to escape) :)

  • Explored OKC on teh was too cold for Oklahoma!

Our time was wonderful and Payton LOVES his cousins! Justus, because she knows just how a two year old thinks and the things he needs help with. Ransom, because he is a BOY and loves to play boy things with his younger trains, and legos. Addie, because she wants to help in every way and has lots of things to say to make him laugh! Elisha, because she isn't too big, so she can do mostly what he can do, only with MORE curiousity and talent...which he certainly learned from! It was great to mother alongside my sis. (For the record, "Aunt Wendy doesn't allow any whinning in her car. Consequently Aunt Andee has the SAME rule! Imagine that!) Forever memories are the best kind of memories.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silly Mommy...(and Daddy)

We've had some CRAZY, FUN times with our friends here in Monee.

We especially enjoy the anual Myster Dinner, where we can be someone we're not, and wear something we normally wouldn't flaunt- not in public, anyway.

2008 Rockers!

Our church "Clergy" and family :)

2009 "Mystery in the Library"

Snow White and Little John xoxo

Robin HOod and "Little" John

Bowling with Goldilocks, Cinderella, Cleopatra, The Fairy Godmother, Pinoccio, Little John, Huck Finn, Robin HOod and some other crazies!

2010 Celebrity Celebrations!

Audrey Hepburn (minus an inappropriate cigarette)

Audrey and Bette Davis

Secret Lovers? Jimmy Hindrix and Audrey Hepburn....naw!

Monee FMC "Celebrity Cruise" Mystery Dinner 2011

"Jodi Angel" famous swimwear

model, and "Jason"- Her good-looking

body guard.

If I ever needed rescuing- he's highly qualified, I'm just nice to look at, I really would never consider actually swimming. I'll stay on the beach, thanks!

Who says dress up is just for kids?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Payton's First AIRPLANE trip!

Payton and Mommy spent 10 days in Oklahoma and Kansas in March. We flew home to Daddy from Kansas City. We had so much fun! Payton loved exploring the safety card and writing a letter on the barf bag to Aunt Wendy. Mommy learned that from Grandma.
He got his very own apple juice and peanuts! He even saved some for Daddy. As we left he got to sneak a peek into the cock-pit and wave to the pilot! So much fun for us both!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Few THINGS my MOM loved...

Driving by this place on highway 96, somewhere between Ness City and Hayes. She began her heavenward journey on highway 96- I wonder if she knew where she was in those last moments. I know she knew the truth of these rocks on the hillside. Christ was her pilot. I hope she saw it on the way by, but maybe by then she was already experiencing His presence instead of His direction on earth.

Homemade Pie Crust: I tried. I made this one while I was "Home." It felt good to move around in her kitchen, but I missed her so. The crust wouldn't roll out right. I tried it three times, all with the same result. I finally pressed the crust into the pan in pieces. I didn't burn the meringue though. I will always think of her when I make pie, I may always think of her when I cook, which is strange because she didn't particularly enjoy it. No, she didn't enjoy being rushed, or hurried. Neither do I. Maybe I think of her because she called me, her youngest daughter for cooking tips. She always bragged about my cooking and baking skills. Maybe that's really why I think of her. I could sure use more tips on my pie crust!

Her Piano:

Its keys haven't been touched in too long. The pages still open to what she must have been playing, maybe that morning. She played often on Sunday mornings, with hair dye in her hair. She loved to sing. I hear her voice so often in a hymn, but I'm so afraid I will forget how it sounded. I'm teaching myself to play, a little, but not the way she could. I can't read the stinkin' base cleft with any kind of proficiency. "Practice Makes Perfect." Right?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I'd tell you...

If I could tell you the things he's learned to do, I'd tell you he drew a circle a couple months ago. He was so proud of himself he clapped his hands and yelled. He has recently started attatching legs to those circles- "People." They are mostly Mommy, but sometimes Daddy and occasionally Payton. Mommy still has to draw "Dog-Dog."

If I could tell you the things he's learned to do, I'd tell you that he counted to three just to START the race down the hill by the cellar. One, two, three, GO! Ava taught him. Today he counted to 5, then to 6 and 7 (with a little help). He did it over and over. I was so excited I clapped my hands and yelled.

If I could tell you, even more, I'd confide that I'm distracted by him when we pray. He's so cute and tries so hard to keep his eyes closed. He passionately cries out the names of people dear to his heart as if to make sure Jesus hears him. If we miss anyone and say, "In Jesus' name..." awaiting his, "amen," he loudly interjects another request. We thank God for Basketball EVERY night- sometimes twice.

If I kept going, I'd tell you that we made up actions to a song he calls, "Wonder." "I wonder how it felt, to wake up in the belly of a whale..." It melts my heart when he tries to model my finger glasses on his own face..."I just can't wait to SEE what God has for me, but I KNOW that I will trust Him and I'll wait to see what life will be for me!"

If I could I'd tell you how endearing it is to watch the excitement that surrounds him when he realizes that the kids music has started in the sanctuary. He half runs, half jumps to the front, (sometimes there's a sommersault in the middle) clapping and smiling all the way! He spins and jumps and sometimes mimics the other kids. He WANTS to worship! He's learning to sit and listen too- though he likes jumping better!

There's so much I could tell you. So much WE are learning. At the end of today I realized that I am the mother of a little boy, who intends to grow up. If I could, I would tell you how much joy that brings to my heart, and how overwhelmed with love I am, but, I think you understand-COMPLETELY.