Sunday, May 29, 2011

What kind of baby is in Mommy's tummy?

One of many recent sweet moments with my son....
Today after nap he climbed up into be with me. He cuddled me and chattered about for a few minutes. As often he does, he brought a random conversation into existence. It all started with a pat on my tummy- or there abouts and his sweet little "baby, mama's tummy."
I replied, "Yes. There's a baby in mama's tummy." He nodded and smiled to affirm that I was correct. I asked if he wanted to give the baby a kiss. He promply leaned over and kissed my leg. We both giggled and he remembered that the baby is not, if fact, in mommy's leg. So he kissed my tummy sweetly.
I asked, "What kind of baby do you think is in Mommy's tummy?"
His reply: " Payton." Interesting. :)
I explained that there isn't another Payton, only one, but a different baby. So I clarified, "Do you think the baby in Mommy's tummy is a boy, like Payton or a girl, like Mommy?"
I asked, "So you think the baby is a boy?"
he turned his head to the side slowly, just like he always does when he's contemplating something. "No. Baby Hannah."
At this point I was wondering if he understands that Baby Hannah (my little daily visitor this semester) is in fact a GIRL. But I said, "No, baby Hannah isn't in my tummy. Do you think the baby is a girl, like baby Hannah?"
"No." He promptly replied. "Payton."
Which I took to mean, "A boy?"
A deliberate nod and smile.
Then I inquired further, as he was loving this challenging conversation about baby. "What do you think the baby's name should be."
Hmmmmm. Everything he loves, wrapped up in one word, of course! Why wouldn't he want to name his baby brother or sister Basketball.
I giggled and said, "That's a funny name. What else could we call the baby?"
Another turn to the side and a thoughtful moment. His conclusion, "Hosanna!" with another quick tummy pat and off he went.
I was left in wonder. "Lord, save us." It has been his 'word' since Palm Sunday. Paul preached on that very meaning that week. He came out of the nursery knowing that when Jesus rode the donkey into town everyone shouted, "Hosanna."
I wondered if it's a good way to think of our baby during this time. "God, save us." Use this child as you have with our dear son, to save us from our own stupidity, from selfishness, from trying ot do ANYTHING on our own. God save us.
I think everytime I feel my ever-pooching tummy, I may just think to myself, "Hosanna, God save us," and remember that He did, that very thing, for me, and for these TWO sweet little ones He's intrusted me with.