Sunday, March 1, 2009

These people are always smoochin' on me. They can't get enough of my sweet little cheekers! Daddy's wiskers tickle!
Am I a doll? Really? I know that winter-wear is necessary, but really, do you realize these mittens have no thumbs?

Payton- 4 Months

My Favorite time of the day is right before bedtime. Mommy thinks it's really funny to tickle me while she puts lotion in every little creavis. I am pretty much ticklish anywhere and everywhere. Now I squeal when I giggle and sometimes get so worked up that I pee a little. :) Look out mommy!

Spitting favorite game. :) My mommy smells so GOOD!


Payton loves his you can see. He often falls asleep with them in his arms.
My First SOLID food!

I don't have to brown-nose...I have mommy and daddy wrapped around my sweet little finger.

Tasty Prunes! Hey- they do the trick!

Payton loved his first experience with solid food. He ate, and ate, and ate. I guess it's not hard to believe that our little porker likes to eat. He is such a big boy. It's a little hard for mommy to let him grow up so fast. I know God is working on teaching me to let HIM take control of my baby's life. Small steps.


Wendy said...

Sweet Sweet Sweet. He has changed so much. Thanks for posting and letting us keep up. Love you Payton.


KC Bernards said...

He is so cute! If Aunt Andee was there she would smooch and pinch on those cute cheeks as well.
LOVE the pic with the spit. Perfect shot mommy & daddy!
We love you all
KC Bernards!!!