Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Things I'm INTO- 10 months

Mommy is almost sure that I should have been born in the water, because it seems like my home away from home. It's true- I love ANYTHING that involves water. I love my bath, I love my pool, I love to SWIM, I even love the tiny pool they keep around for the dog to drink from...oh, isn't that a pool? This is when I went to a GINORMOUS sprinkler park at Indian Beach amusement park with the youth group. It was fantastic! I couldn't get enough. I expecially like it when i can stick my FACE in the water. It makes me laugh! Maybe I am a fish. I that case, I think I will go check out that big flushy thing in the bathroom. I'm almost certain it has water in it too!

Wrigley is my BEST Friend! She plays with me too. This is our favorite game. I call it the scream-bang game. Mommy calls it the slime the glass and be LOUD game. Either way it's fun and Wrigley likes it too.

My First carosel ride! (August)

The many faces of Payton after naptime.
Our new MINI-VAN

Look out. I'm getting my license any day now.

I am cruising around the furniture now. Walking is pretty cool, but just not FAST enough. I do like that I can reach a lot more things now. I think I want to learn to climb.....

...On second though, maybe not.

I feed myself so often now. I just learned something the other day. When I don't want my food anymore if I throw it over the edge of this tray the doggie will come visit me. She sometimes, will even like my toes a little. That tickles!

Come on Mom! Really!?!?!? (Hey the diaper rash went away)
Don't turn around!
I promise this couldn't have been more that 15 seconds of me (the mom) standing RIGHT beside him, but obviously not looking at him.
Step 1) Open door
Step 2) Ooooo lots of fun things in here...yellow box thingy...yes!
Step 3) Pull out the box
Step 4) Check to see if mommy is still stirring those veggies ( I hope those are for me).
Step 5) Nice, this box opens. AND it has something edible inside!
Step 6) I'm certain that the best place for this is on the floor. That way I can really tell what it feels like.
Step 7) Just as I suspected...wonderful!
Step 8) Tastes good too!
Step 9) comes mommy.

Payton's List of things to do Today
(just to make mommy feel like she did something productive):
1. Poop my pants (always while in my high-chair).
2. Find the dog's water.
3. Throw those little magnet, singing, barn toys all over the kitchen. Mommy makes a great noise when she steps on them. :)
4. Practice walking- I'll use the piano bench to help me for now.
5. Hurry to dog's water while mommy is changing laundry. SPLASH! This water must be really's good!
6. Visit Wrigley at the window while she is outside. I know Daddy likes to take pictures of me when I lick the glass.
7. Dump out lego bag. Help mommy take down that silly thing she is building.
8. Carry one lego block to every corner and cranny in the house.
9. Poop again. This time I'll see if mommy can change me while I'm crawling/diving/dashing off the changing table.
10. Dump dog water on my head.
11. Wear my breakfast...lunch....ok, dinner too.
12. Visit mommy in the bathroom. Suck on Toilet. Climb in bathtub.
13. Stare at doggie's water.
14. Make a sweet face and giggle a LOT!
15. Search for those rubber chew toys that Wrigley always plays with. YUMMY!
16. Practice kissing. I know they especially like that I have learned to use my tongue. :)


andee97 said...

Sounds like you are very busy Payton. We are too here in KC. We've got dance, Kid's Day Out, Park, Library, and then around the house, we have Barbie time, Arts & Crafts, a fight here and's all good fun. Oh, we enjoy pooping and feeding our Sandy too!!! Have a GREAT day today!
Ava & Ema

Sara Luke said...

Jack did that with VEGETABLE OIL on our carpet when he was about Payton's age. We still don't know how he unscrewed the lid. But we do still have a huge dark spot on our carpet that dirt sticks too like crazy. :)