Thursday, October 15, 2009

Payton's 1st Birthday!

What was left of Payton's first ever "BA"nana Birthday Cake
Mommy and Payton at the party!
HAVE A BALL....Payton's Turning ONE!

My Beach BALL cake.
It was very large and a little overwhelming.

I don't like this....why is everyone watcing me. I'm just not too sure about all of this commotion.

OK...I'll try a little. It can't be that bad.

IT'S Terrible! AHhhh..... Do I have to eat this...Wait...Maybe it's not the cake I mind, but just all these kids watching me get messy.
Here comes daddy to help. No thanks!

Ok....maybe this could be fun. :) Did you get my eyes, Daddy?

MMMMM. I like the way that stuff tastes!
Payton after eating his SMASH cake.

He finally got into it, after everyone left him alone to just stuff his face.

The BALL pit! Woooo HOOOO!! Overwhelming for the little guy.

Swimmin' in the ball pit with my friends.

Resting with Grandma!

Payton waved "bye-Bye" as everyone walked out the door. He was one TIRED little boy!

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sara said...

Looks like fun! Happy birthday, Payton!