Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gone Home. See ya later.

My sister Wendy Miller shared this on her blog. I'm borrowing until I can find my own words.

Sunday Night January 9th my Mom went home to be with Jesus. She shed her earthly shell and snuggled up in His arms. Now she never has to worry, or be anxious. She never again has to fear. She left behind the struggle to find her place to belong and now belongs perfectly to Him. He fills her every need. No more sorrow, no more pain, a comforter to wipe away every tear. No more empty longing for love to fill her up, no more brokenness for now she is made whole, perfected by His sacrifice. Now she knows fully even as she is fully known. She is seen for who she is, she is loved for who she is. She knows Him not in part as though she were trying to see through a thick fog, or a thick and covering veil, but fully in all His glory, face to face, heart wide open, presented perfect by the blood of the lamb to the one who paid the price for her to be there. What gratitude, praise and worship must overwhelm her. I can almost hear her singing, but this earth distorts the song and I hear her earthly voice, not her perfected heavenly one, playing the piano and singing, not a hymn of longing any longer but a hymn of completion, a praise of journeys end, a joy of peace. I can’t quite make out the words through the mist, but I catch the spirit of laughter behind the song and I rejoice too that she has gone home. We’ll miss you, see you later Mom.

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