Monday, February 21, 2011

Mom told me that this year I did the same thing that she used to do lots at Christmas....make another present because there just needed to be one more thing. It's true. SO- I decided he would love to have a bathrobe- weird, Iknow, but he really loved it and more importantly that he doesn't have to wear a diaper when he wears it. Here's a glimpse of the warm-up, (after bath) of our little boxer "P-Did." Just a lot of running- some jumping, what else?!?!


Anonymous said...

Wrigley looks like she shrunk...haha. What dog is that? - Bethany Stritar

Wendy said...

You made that robe? That is amazing. When you said that he didn't have to wear a diaper with the robe I thought maybe you were foreshadowing what we might be seeing. Wheewoo. I'm glad it wasn't. :)

andee97 said...

So cute...I was also thinking the same thing about Wrigley. She sure has changed since I saw her last.