Friday, January 3, 2014

Payton's 5

A little bit about our little boy (for now): PAYTON

5 Years Old- October 5th
Payton Allen.  A constant smile in my heart.  A forever pounding in my chest. And a twinkle in my eye!  This year of life Payton has grow up so much.  I think to myself, at least once a day, that if I love him anymore, I'll just simply explode.  It hasn't happened yet, though our love grows greater each moment!  He is a ROWDY bundle of ALL BOY energy and excitement for life!  He loves intensely and has deep compassion for others!  Payton bounces everywhere he goes and has a JOY for life- and a joy for being a BOY!  He played his first season of T-ball this year and loved every moment!  He also learned to ride his two wheel bike and has since been seen about town, up and down hills, with scrapped knees and a smile a mile wide- waving at Mommy, "Look MOM!"  If you asked Payton who his best friend is, he'd tell you: Titus- my brother.  It's True.  It runs deep between these two already.  They are the best of friends, and care for one another in a way I've never before seen.  Payton is excited to show his baby brother the ropes in every circumstance and glad to take his had and LEAD him, protect and guide him, even encourage him along the way.  He genuinely wants Titus to succede!  Their bond is not matched.  They are often seen, hand in hand, or chasing one another around, zooming cars, or wrestling, tackling and teasing.  Payton loves to swim and cares deeply for animals.  His favorite place is Sky Lodge Camp!  He is a boy made for God's beauty and he loves every moment!  I can see his desire to please others and put a smile on each face he greets.  He will be a great leader, and a sought-after friend of many.  I count it only blessing to be this boy's mama. 


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KC Bernards said...

He's so handsome & I hate to not be there with you to watch him grow up & have cousins to play with!! Miss you all so much!