Friday, January 3, 2014

Two- in like a LION!!!

 Our little TWO year old! 

My favorite book.  I like Mommy and Bother to sing it to me.
Titus is just our little JOY bringer!  He is full of smiles and laughs and ENERGY!  He loves to play with hisbest friend- big brother, and their doggie!  His love for life is contageous!  He has us on our toes all the time!  He likes to play choo choos, and Legos, ride "bikes," and race cars!  We are blessed by his giggles and cuddles every day!  Words can't express our thankfulness for this sweet little boy!

 Titus is TWO!!!!

Blowing out the candles

Titus is obsessed with Lions (understandably since big brother pretends and talks about them all the time!)  So we had a LION party.....ROAR!!

Do I get to eat all of this cake?

 First Hair cut

Two Days before His 2nd Birthday...Titus got his FIRST hair cut!  His curls were so beautiful, and now we have a LITTLE BOY!

Blonde curls!  Is this kid mine?

The new DO!


Wendy said...

Love the hair cut. He got that hair from me, but the curl of it from you. I just love that little face. Both their little faces. My kids grew up to fast!!!!!

Happy Birthday! What fun.

KC Bernards said...

What handsome pictures. I think he has changed a lot since we saw him this past summer. He looks so big. I LOVE that him & Payton are best friends!!! It's so sweet.