Monday, December 12, 2011


Some of our time with Grandpa Rowe:

Grandpa's special star- GiLana :)

Three Sisters Mountains....Jeanne, Wendy and Tiffany

Helping Feed

Payton told me after we came home that he put hay in the feed box with the horses just like where baby Jesus was born. Guess he gets that part.


A little riding with Grandpa Rowe. Payton LOVE it! So he's a bit of a city boy with his rainboots, but he sure enjoyed this special time with his Grandpa and is still talking about it!

This makes me smile to my CORE! Not just that my favorite boy is smooching his mommy, because he loves her so much, but the complete act...the horse, the saddle, my belly, the white streak in my hair, the mountains. I love it. It's us- it's who I AM and I love it!

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wendy said...

Okay, I love these too. I need to hear the story of the star.