Monday, March 5, 2012

Special Visitors...not the wise men from the east, but just as good

Lots of important people came to visit us and our new bundle....We got pictures of a few of them.
Grandma Alf was our first guest (but not really). She is a permanent part of our little family. Our life would have been a lot less functional those first 10 days without her. :) We love Grandma!
Nini, Kylee and Hunter came too- the day after I came home.
Uncle Jeff (he brought his family too)...we are buddies
Papa Randy made the long trip to see Titus and Payton all the way from Kansas! It was so special to have him here to play, and snuggle and just to be together.
Aunt Jeanne and Bridgette came from Michigan for a weekend. Bridgette is a VERY cool, tent building, choo-choo train playing, sweet-hearted cousin- and a good cuddler too!

We are blessed to have gotten to see so many family members since Titus was born. Uncle Milan and Aunt Dorene Reimer came the same day he came home. I loved having Mom's family here to see my new little one. We can't wait for Titus to meet more of our FANTASTIC family. :)

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