Thursday, November 13, 2008


SO it's been a WHOLE month of life as a mommy. I can't explain how normal it I've always been doing it. It's like Payton has always been a part of me...I guess he has in a way. So many of his little noises and faces make us laugh. I can't imagine thinking anyone is more perfect. I think back often to the day he was born, and with so much JOY I relive those first few moments of meeting him. His wide eyes, filled with admonition and curiosity, his sweet little mouth, his beautiful, perfect figers and toes. I feel like he was created just for me. But, I know that's not true. I already feel God tugging at my heart to let Payton be HIS. He was created for so many great purposes- I can't wait to find out how mightly he will be used. ( OK- I can wait, because I am alright with this growing up thing going as slowly as possible- wink wink). We pray for him and his future an I am trusting God to care for his every need that I can't. It is scary to think that he is relying on my for now, so I need a lot of help! We don't know what we are doing, but that is part of the fun- and part of the FAITH we have to put in God to give us the tools. I'm just enjoying the learning process. (Could someone remind me of that in 2 years? ) And so he sleeps....I watch, wondering what will develop in my little baby boy today..hopefully some poo, 'cause that hasn't happened for about 24 hours, but aside from much he changes and grows each day and before I know it- he'll be big, doing great things for the kingdom. Yeah!

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