Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is Payton and I the morning he was born. He was very's hard being born, you know. It was an amazing experience- most incredible of my life. I am amazed by the way it all worked out and God was my strength through it all. I love giving birth. It was God's perfect induction to motherhood. Paul was wonderful in the whole process. I'm blessed with a supportive and sympathetic hubby, who stood by my side and overcame his own fears to support me in this life accomplishment for both of us. It is pretty unbelieveable to hold this tiny creation and then look at Paul and know that Payton is a product of our love fror each other and a God given blessing! He is like an extention of who we are- together. What an amazing feeling!

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Grandma and Grandpa Whipple said...

Birth is an intregal part of passing on the flame! God bless your adventure together in this thing called life.