Saturday, April 16, 2011

More I seriously an only child?

This has always been a great picture spot. Missing a few...three to be specific. :)

This one is all about soakin' up the 'boy-ness.'

Reasons I think Ila is SOOO cool:

1. She's smaller than me

2. She laughs at me

3. She likes my stories

4. She doesn't have a lot of hair- so she doesn't notice when mine's all messy

5. She stays in one place so I can keep track of her

6. She lets me hold her hand

7. When I don't want to be with her anymore I walk away...and she doesn't ;)


Wind pictures- another memorable Kansas pastime

Keepin' the cows in

We had a great time in Kansas too! Spent some extra time with Ava, Ema, Ila and Aunt Andrea. We had so much fun! We had races down the cellar hill and Ava taught Payton how to count to three! Ema was a big fan of pushing Payton around the flour in a cardboard box...he loved it!

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andee97 said...

This is so great! Love this post and that is all true of Ila. Thanks for stopping and visiting us in KC this past week. We love you all and pray for you to join us in KS! ;)