Saturday, April 16, 2011

OOOOOOOOOOO-klahoma....where the ALF's came sweepin' down the plain

Some things we did while visiting Cousins in Oklahoma...

  • Climbed up in the treehouse (a first...and immediate LOVE)

  • Read bedtime stories (notice the only (as in one in his family) child trying to escape) :)

  • Explored OKC on teh was too cold for Oklahoma!

Our time was wonderful and Payton LOVES his cousins! Justus, because she knows just how a two year old thinks and the things he needs help with. Ransom, because he is a BOY and loves to play boy things with his younger trains, and legos. Addie, because she wants to help in every way and has lots of things to say to make him laugh! Elisha, because she isn't too big, so she can do mostly what he can do, only with MORE curiousity and talent...which he certainly learned from! It was great to mother alongside my sis. (For the record, "Aunt Wendy doesn't allow any whinning in her car. Consequently Aunt Andee has the SAME rule! Imagine that!) Forever memories are the best kind of memories.

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Wendy said...

Could you come and remind my children that I have that rule.

You should have heard the noise in the back today. They were playing thumb war and having such a good loud time. At one moment Ransom licked his thumb so that it would be slippery and he would win. Agggggh. They are so loud when they are funny.