Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silly Mommy...(and Daddy)

We've had some CRAZY, FUN times with our friends here in Monee.

We especially enjoy the anual Myster Dinner, where we can be someone we're not, and wear something we normally wouldn't flaunt- not in public, anyway.

2008 Rockers!

Our church "Clergy" and family :)

2009 "Mystery in the Library"

Snow White and Little John xoxo

Robin HOod and "Little" John

Bowling with Goldilocks, Cinderella, Cleopatra, The Fairy Godmother, Pinoccio, Little John, Huck Finn, Robin HOod and some other crazies!

2010 Celebrity Celebrations!

Audrey Hepburn (minus an inappropriate cigarette)

Audrey and Bette Davis

Secret Lovers? Jimmy Hindrix and Audrey Hepburn....naw!

Monee FMC "Celebrity Cruise" Mystery Dinner 2011

"Jodi Angel" famous swimwear

model, and "Jason"- Her good-looking

body guard.

If I ever needed rescuing- he's highly qualified, I'm just nice to look at, I really would never consider actually swimming. I'll stay on the beach, thanks!

Who says dress up is just for kids?


Wendy said...

I'm so glad you posted these, I wanted to see them after talking to you the other day. I think you make a delightful Audry.

Wendy said...

It was buggin' me that it said 1 comments so I had to comment to make that correct. Also to tell you I almost bought you a dress at the thrift store today. Black velvetish top and quilted full length wild pattern with maybe even some pasley goodness on the bottom. Thought you might want it for an easter dress or something. There were however no random buildings or ugly statues on it so I had to leave it behind. Lots of love.